Reykjanes Peninsula Tour

Reykjanes Peninsula Tour

The Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland is a rugged and geologically active region in southwestern Iceland. It is known for its extraordinary landscape, geothermal activity and volcanoes. Witness the Peninsulas charm and raw beauty in comfort on our private tour.

The peninsula has a lot to offer and to name a few of the sights you will see is the bridge between continents where the tectonic plates of North America and Eurasian meet, one of Iceland’s deepest lakes which is located in the peninsula with a great viewing point and Seltún the steaming geothermal mud-pools.

We recommend adding the Blue Lagoon to the tour as it is located within the peninsula.

Allow us to take you on this journey in style and comfort.

What is included?

On this tour you get your private luxury vehicle and chauffeur, who will be with you during the entire tour. We take you to and from your requested destination safely. Onboard our vehicles are complimentary bottled Icelandic Glacial water and Wi-Fi, as well as:

– Spectacular nature views 

– English speaking chauffeur

– Drinks on request

Trip Duration: 4-5 hours



Good shoes, Warm clothes and a Camera

Very Light