About Us

Welcome to our family owned Luxury Chauffeur Company. BT Travel is a day tour provider in Iceland and chauffeur service company where we invite you to discover the wonders of Iceland in unparalleled style and comfort. We have a long family background in the tourist industry both domestically and abroad. Our aim is to provide exceptional customer care and create unforgettable memories for you. BT Travel ehf. is a vetted travel company by the Icelandic tourist & travel authorities and assure you the outmost professional service. Our team of chauffeurs have an intimate knowledge of Iceland’s breathtaking landscapes and hidden treasures. We tailor each trip to your needs, from in-car amenities to special requests. We’re dedicated in providing smooth and comfortable service for you and your family. Allow us to make your journey truly an immersive and a memorable experience. 


Send us your request and we will do our best to accommodate you.