Northern Lights Tour

Northern Lights Tour

The Northern Lights Tour in Iceland, also known as the Aurora Borealis are a breathtaking view. When the solar winds collide with the Earth’s atmosphere creating an ethereal display of dancing colours in the night sky. The Northern Lights come in a variety of colours but green and pink being the most common ones painting the sky. They can be seen in the night sky in the Arctic and the Antarctic regions, during the winter months. The intensity of the Northern Lights depend on the activity of the sun, with the most active displays occurring during periods of high solar activity. 

With our Northern Lights private tour you are in full control and can enjoy this amazing view in complete privacy and comfort. Our tour takes you to the perfect view point just outside the city, where you can witness this extraordinary adventure under the arctic skies.

Allow us to guide you through this unforgettable experience in a comfortable way.

What is included?

On this tour you get your private luxury vehicle and chauffeur, who will be with you during the entire tour. We take you to and from your requested destination safely. Onboard our vehicles are complimentary bottled Icelandic Glacial water and Wi-Fi, as well as:

– Spectacular nature views 

– English speaking chauffeur

– Drinks on request

Trip Duration: 3-4 hours